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Directions Beginning Middle or Ending Sounds BINGO - use the sound Letter cards From the Ozzy Card Games To play Blending BINGO - the adult chooses A picture and says the sounds that make up the word ex m A t or A p lThe child blends the sounds together To nd the pictureB l en d Beginning Sounds BINGOin gOzzyDirections Beginning Middle or Ending Sounds BINGO - use the sound Letter cards From the O...

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C:\Users\Pastor\Documents\MyMinistry\00SpiritualMinistries\missions\TBCmissionquestionaire.wpd Tabernacle Baptist ChurchA Shelter From The Storms Of LifePastor Steven P Neff9 Meadow Street Tioga PA 16946-9716Phone 570-835-5525 Web www tbctioga orgE-Mail pastorneff tbctioga orgAnd there shall be A tabernacle for A shadow in the daytime From the heat andfor A place of refuge and for A covert From st...

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STANDARD GCCF Judge APPOINTMENT SCHEME FORMS: STANDARD GCCF Judge APPOINTMENT SCHEME FORMSForms 1 6 are in conjunction with the Guild of GCCF Judges Stewardsfor the Stewarding Scheme and supplied by them or can be downloaded athttp www gccfcats org pdf judges stewards StewardingSchemeForms pdf7 Application To Register into the Judge Appointment Scheme with A BACdouble sided8 Application form To jo...

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Letter From the U S Commissioners SACRAMENTO DAILY UNION The following important Letter was forwardedTHE CITYCrime There were examined and disposed ofCommunication with the Interior A petition in the Recorder s Court last month 14 case asBoard of SupervisorsWervESDAY May 81 AMUSEMENTS AUCTION SAJ ESvery numerously signed by residents on the line follows breach of peace u25a0 Present A full BoardFR...

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Otr Info 2014

Microsoft Word - OTR Letter 2 From the Chair 614 - Hoke edits1.docx OTR 2014 - Letter From the Chair Late SpringOnly eleven weeks until we bring back the sixtiesHow appropriate that CNN decided To do A whole series on the Sixties just intime To help us remember them by OTRHere are some What s Happenin things To digestGroovy Music BBQ Our food vendor will be slow cooking bigchunks of pork which he ...

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yorkgrotto.org/poop/OT...R info 2014.pdf
Com 20140618 25 201 Lachances

Comment Letter received From Stéphanie Lachance (Public Sector Pension Investment Board) dated June 18, 2014; Re: CSA Notice and Request for Comment - Proposed National Policy 25-201 Guidance for Pro SPsPN V E S T N S NT SStephanie LachanceVice President Responsible Investmentand Corporate SecretaryTelephone 514-925-5441Fax 514-925-1430Email slachance investpsp caBY EMAILJune 18 2014British Col...

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Microsoft Word - Champions Letter From Sean Key.doc This Letter is From VP Sean KeyIt s June Can you believe that we are less than 30 days away From the completion of our biggest andbest Seminar year everI absolutely love this time of the year because this is when character is revealed perseverance andresiliency are tested attitudes are formed victories are won and queens are crowned This is whenw...

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The court finally enjoined silence the Sur- Erin compliance with the orders of Governor Ma- RECEIVED at the New York Store From son the undersigned will visit all the principal towns JUST Eagle ATI A HOWARDrcon having entered during this vaporous di and settlement in theNorthern Department of Cali- Teas consisting ofu the direct From China A large lot of FreshHAVING 1CST RECEIVED A largo variety o...

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Letter From Ebenezer Syme To John Pascoe Fawkner concerning the Diggers' Advocate - No 19 April 1977 - La Trobe Journal Letter From Ebenezer Syme To John Pascoe FawknerConcerning The Gold Diggers Advocate and CommercialAdvertiserOnly isolated copies have survived in libraries of the Diggers Advocate which waspublished From late 1853 To August 1854 George Black G E Thomson and H RNicholls who condu...

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Thet Visa Letter Guidance

Microsoft Word - Visa Letter guidance1.docx Visa Letter guidance From THET for IHLFS and HPS grant holdersThe following is supplementary guidance regarding letters of support From health partnerships whoare planning on applying for visas for short visits To the UK as part of their activities These lettersshould be submitted with the other supporting documents required by the visa applicationThe ho...

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15451957 Pdf T 1381279469

ADVANCED INTERVIEW SKILLS-SECONDARY-KEY REGIONAL 2012PAGE 1 of 4ADVANCED INTERVIEW SKILLS652012KEYProperty of Business Professionals of AmericaMay be reproduced only for use in the Business Professionals of AmericaWorkplace Skills Assessment Program competitionADVANCED INTERVIEW SKILLS-SECONDARY-KEYREGIONAL 2012PAGE 2 of 4INTERVIEWING SKILLS 64KEYDescriptionAssess proficiency in job search and int...

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Notes February 2012

Grace United Methodist Church Notes From GraceFebruary 2012 Donald A Jamison PastorLove and MournWe begin the season of Lent this month as we work our way towardsthe celebration of Easter See my article on Lent To learn more about this sea-son and the implications for Christians To reflect on who we are and our rela-tionship with God We also celebrate this time of year our love for one anoth-erVal...

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graceumcesva.com/Grace_ESVA_UMC_Church_Eastern_Shore_VA...bruary 2012.pdf
Annual Report 2011

Riverview Evangelical Lutheran Church School 136 West Seymour Street Appleton WI 54915Phone 920-733-3728www RiverviewLutheran orgANNUAL REPORT FOR 2011OUR MISSIONRIVERVIEW EVANGELICAL WISCONSIN EVANGELICALLUTHERAN CHURCH LUTHERAN SYNODRiverview Lutheran Church and As men women and children unitedSchool Growing in faith and sharing the in faith and worship by the word of God theGospel of Jesus Chri...

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rlsappleton.org/home/180009610/180009610/files/Annual R...Report 2011.pdf
Alawflapastorcomprevised C6njwzhx

Word Pro - ALA W. FLA Pastor Comp Revised.lwp Alabama - West Florida ConferenceCHURCH Pastor COMPENSATION REPORT FORMName of Pastor Social Security Number Home Address Name of Charge Church Number Compensation effective dates For pension purposes compensation dates should be A 12-month period even if A change is expected1 COMPENSATION INFORMATIONSalary paid by church See Note 1 - On backUtilitie...

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Letter To Father Gregory Kandt

Letter To Father Gregory Kandt Letter To Father Gregory Kandt PastorDue March 28 at the last Large Group SessionBefore the sacrament is celebrated candidates express their desire To beconfirmed with A Letter To the Pastor or pastoral coordinator The candidatesrelate their own understanding of the sacrament and their personal reasons forwanting To be confirmedDiocesan Guidelines for Sacraments 88Al...

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20111023 Bulletin

20111023 Bulletin Want To Know More about JesusHead To Next Steps on our website nextsteps holycross net auOr alternatively speak To Pastor Ben or one of our Pastoral Assistants Mark AmberGlenda Dunlop Elizabeth Herrmann Richard Hentschke Adrian Krollig AyleneMueller Ivan Muster Leanne Pfeiffer Craig Zilm or Lorraine Zilm We would love tohear From you and help you if you want To continue in your f...

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Prayer Letter 2013 071

Keeping Up with the Joneses July 2013International Training Director with CrossWay InternationalAnd now brothers and sisters pray for us that the Lord s teaching will continue To spread quicklyand that people will give honor To that teaching just as happened with you2 Thessalonians 3 1Inside this issueIt s Been A WhileCreatively Sharing the 2Gospel It has been almost five months since my last pray...

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Class Letter 74

Microsoft Word - Class Letter 74.docx Summer 2013Dear Class of 1974This Letter is From the Alumni Office because you do not have A class agent Homecoming 2014 will beyour 40th reunion so it is important To have A class representative To write the Letter next summer andhelp plan the activities for your big celebration Please call the Alumni Office 218- 299- 3734 or 800-699- 9020 To volunteer or To ...

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Blood moon eclipses: 2nd Coming in 2015 Blood Moon Eclipses Second Coming in 2015Minister uses NASA forecasting To study signals of Jesus returnApril 30 2008 - 11 49 pm EasternBy Joe Kovacs 2008 WorldNetDailySeptember 2013 update From Pastor Kevin Lea Below is an April 2008 article with my response whichhas been posted at our website since May of 2008 I am republishing it at our site due To the cu...

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02 2014 President

President's Message: A special week in an historic year President sMessageA special week in an historic yearIn Philadelphia this summer They voted To go on strike and that strike spread across theNALC will mark its 125th an- city and state and then across the country When it was overniversary As we struggle To the Post Office Department was set on A path of change thatstrengthen the Postal Service...

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April Messenger

A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR BLESSED SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH APRIL 2014 INSIDE THIS ISSUEA Letter From Pastor 2 Women s Ministries 6 Bible Study Schedule 11From DCE Jaime Greene 3 How To Serve 7 Staff Church Officers 12Preschool Updates 4 Board Updates 8-9Lent Worship Schedule 5 Member Milestones 10Blessed Savior Messenger Page 2Letter From Pastor SanderBefore long the world will not see me anymore but...

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Com 20140310 81 324 Agnewd

Comment Letter received From D. Agnew (RBC) dated March 10, 2014; re CSA Notice 81-324 and Request for Comment - Proposed CSA Mutual Fund Risk Classification Methodology for Use in Fund Facts Via email comments osc gov on ca consultation-en-cours lautorite qc caMarch 10 2014British Columbia Securities CommissionAlberta Securities CommissionSaskatchewan Financial Services CommissionManitoba Securit...

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Confirmation Handbook

ConfirmationHandbook LORD OF LIFELUTHERAN CHURCHJr Confirmation Handbook2011-2012Revised 8-16-111LORD OF LIFE LUTHERAN CHURCHJr Confirmation Handbookoffice lol-plano orgPhone 972 867-5588FAX 972 985-5588IMPORTANT STUFF IN THIS BOOKPage 2 Welcome From Pastor Lindner and Mr PetersPage 3 Jr Confirmation PISD CalendarPage 4 What You Need To KnowPage 5 Jr Confirmation CurriculumPage 6 Acolytes and Cruc...

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Contract Talk 2012

Contract Talk: 2012 articles CONTRACT TALK CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION UNITLoss of driving privilegesrticle 29 of the National Agreement provides not violate the collective bargaining agreement of eitherA strong protection for Letter carriers who havethe misfortune of losing their on-duty drivingprivileges There are two ways A Letter carriercan lose driving privileges at workWhen A Letter carrier has ...

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Downloaded From http bjo bmj com on January 30 2015 - Published by group bmj com10f THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGYparalysis of 20 myodioptres The curve of homatropin paralysishas A very steep ascent and A slow descent while in cocain bothascent and descent are steep Fig 5The curves illustrate many other interesting points such as theinfluence of heterophoria the stage of paralysis at which t...

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Carillon 10 12

Carillon, Oct.pub FIRSTBAPTISTCHURCHOFFriendship Circle has madePENFIELD85 Hats and 8 lap shawlsTHE over the summerCARILLON Aiming at 100A NOTE From Pastor PEG 1 - 2MEMBER NEWS UPCOMING EVENTS 2 - 4MISSION NEWS OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS 4 - 7CALENDAR AttachmentFrom your interim pastorYou have heard me talk later about A new book Red Letter Revolution WhatIf Jesus Really Meant What He Said It is by Shane C...

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fbpenfield.org/carillon/Car...illon 10-12.pdf

Pastor Glenn Dryden 703-573-3444 Cell 703-343-3496 YOU ARE INVITED To ATTEND THE BIBLE STUDY glenn dryden gmail com 6 00 PM THIS EVENING AT THE PARSONAGEAssociate Pastor Gary Williams 703-392-8496 SUNDAY MORNING PRAYER MEETINGSPastors Emeritus Jennings B Gail Wood 540-933-6747Prayer meetings will be conducted here at the church each SundaySunday School 9 45 A M Sunday Morning Service 11 00 AM morn...

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2015 Fillable Rba Sheet For Canada


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https://portal.mcnp.org/Public/Benefits/2015 Active Ben... for Canada.pdf
04lightoflifeapril2014 1

OUR STAFF INTERIM PASTORPastor Margo Martensburkeprmargo att netcell 608-843-3245YOUTH FAMILY DEACONESSJohnna Venutoburkejohnna att netAPRIL 2014 ADMINISTRATIVEACCOUNTING SPECIALISTKaren Kingburkelutheran att netNURSERY SUPERVISORCyndi Chatten-CulbBURKE CONGREGATIONAL MEETING MAINTENANCE ENGINEERDave WeinbergerSUNDAY APRIL 6 2014BURKE LUTHERAN CHURCH10 00 A M 5720 Portage Rd Madison WI 53718608-24...

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