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Ucm 310180

Stroke TIA Interdisciplinary Plan of Care Patient family involved in development of plan of carePatient family agrees with plan of carePatient unable to be involved in plan of careER and 1st 24 Hours Next 24 hours - Discharge At DischargeConsults Neurology consult PT OTEndovascular neurosurgery consult Speech dysphagiaRehabOther Diagnostics Stat labs CBC INR APTT urinalysis Carotid imagingStat hea...

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Ucm 432686

Facts about Primary Stroke Center Certification The Joint Commission s Primary Stroke Center Certification Program launched in December 2003 wasdeveloped in collaboration with the American Heart Association American Stroke Association AHA ASAAs of January 1 2011 there are more than 800 certified primary Stroke centers in 49 states Certification isavailable only to Stroke programs in Joint Commissi...

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Mercy Orders Dem Bapet

aspirin or AGGRENOX aspirin dipyridamoleUse DEM Nih Stroke Scale Worksheet Plavix clopidogrel suppression assay if on Plavix clopidogrel 8graphics for testing patientLevel of Consciousness 0-alert 1-easy to arouse 2-hard to arouse 3-reflexes unresponsiveLOC Questions 0-month age right 1-one right 2-neither rightLOC Commands 0-eye-opening handrip both right 1-one right 3-neither rightBest Gaze 0-n

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inmeyle ilgili klinik bulgular not edilmi tir Hastalar n i levsel durumlar Barthel ndeksi klinik durumlarNIH inme l e i ve bili sel durumlar standardize mini-mental durum testi SMMT uygulanarak hem yat s ras n-da hem de yat tan sonraki 3 ayda de erlendirilmi tirBulgular De erlendirmeye al nan 106 olgunun 32 sine SD 30 2 tan s konmu tur ok de i kenli analizlerilerlemi ya n atrial fibrilasyon varl n

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American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation September 2007 Volume 86 Issue 9 pp 693-775Visual Vignette693 A Safeguard for Dual-Energy X-Ray AbsorptiometryMeasurements After KyphoplastyAlp etin MD Levent z akar MDIntroduction694 Poststroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Treatment StrategiesAnna M Barrett MD Charles E Levy MD Leslie J Gonzalez Rothi PhDResearch ArticleHemiparesis696 Bo...

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30400804 Fhs Ip Code Neuro 804 2014

Code Neuro 30400804 If appropriate for patient condition please consider the following order setsAcute Stroke ED RRT 812Hydration Order for Reducing Risk of Radiocontrast Induced Nephrotoxicity 683If GFR is decreased and patient requires IV contrast study consider hydrating patientHeightWeightAllergiesGeneralVital SignsX Vital signs every 15 minutes STAT Every 15 min Starting todayX Neuro checks e...

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Ucm 453274

TSBestPracticesJuly2012 TARGET STROKEBEST PRACTICE STRATEGIESU PDATED J ULY 2012Target Stroke advocates the adoption of these 11 key best practice 06 Rapid Acquisition and Interpretation of Brain Imaging It is essentialstrategies for reducing door-to-needle times for intravenous tPA to complete a brain CT scan or MRI as soon a possible after patientin acute ischemic Stroke arrival Consider initial...

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13 09 06 Asls

Microsoft Word - ASLS LFHRS May 24.doc ASLSLEVITTOWN FAIRLESS HILLS RESCUE SQUADPRESENTSPRE-HOSPITALADVANCED Stroke LIFE SUPPORTEvery 40 seconds someone in the United States has a Stroke thestroke results in a death every 4 minutes Globally Stroke is aleading cause of death and the leading cause of disabilityEmergency treatments to limit the risk of disability are availablebut must be administered...

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Brukermanual Norsk Hjernesl

AGTILFELLE 7Tilstand f r det aktuelle hjerneslaget 7Risikofaktorer f r hjerneslaget 8Status i akuttfasen 9Medikamentell behandling f r debut av hjerneslaget 10Medikamentell behandling ved utreise 10Antikoagulasjonsbehandling under innleggelsen 11Trombolytisk behandling 11Trombektomi 11Hemikraniektomi 12Behandlingskjeden 12Kriterier for slagdiagnosen 14Hvilke supplerende unders kelser og tiltak er

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Utility of Perfusion-Weighted CT Imaging in Acute Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke Treated WithIntra-Arterial ThrombolysisPrediction of Final Infarct Volume and Clinical OutcomeMichael H Lev MD Alan Z Segal MD Jeffery Farkas MD Syeda T Hossain ScBChristopher Putman MD George J Hunter MD Ronald Budzik MD Gordon J Harris PhDFerdinando S Buonanno MD Mustapha A Ezzeddine MD Yuchiao Chang PhDWalter J Koro...

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Nih PI Assurance Certification Form SPONSORED PROJECTS OFFICE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEYNIH PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR ASSURANCE Certification FORMThis form is designed to comply with the requirements of Nih Notice NOT-OD-06-054 issued April 7 2006http grants Nih gov grants guide notice-files NOT-OD-06-054 htmlEffective May 10 2006 the National Institutes of Health Nih requires that the applica...

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Stroke Accuracy of Serial National Institutes of Health Stroke ScaleScores to Identify Artery Status in Acute Ischemic StrokeRobert Mikulik MD Marc Ribo MD Michael D Hill MD James C Grotta MDMarc Malkoff MD Carlos Molina MD Marta Rubiera MD Raquel Delgado-Mederos MDJose Alvarez-Sabin MD Andrei V Alexandrov MD for the CLOTBUST InvestigatorsBackground Early recovery after intravenous thrombolysis ca...

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Microsoft Word - careNewsNovember2011.doc NOV 2011Hemispheres Stroke Competency SeriesMeet your annual education competencies and give your staff the tools they need to provide thehighest quality care Hemispheres Stroke Competency Series is a multi-level web-based educationalseries designed for healthcare professionals to stay up to date on the standards of care for Stroke patientsThis offering is...

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臨床神経学雑誌第49巻第11号 49 8011 2 UP TO DATErt-PA49 801 803 2009Key words3 3 8 6rt-PA3mRS 01rt-PA3 20 7National Insti- 12 7 1tute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke NINDS rt-PA rt-PAStroke Study1995 3 10recombinant tissue-type plasminogenactivator rt-PA 3rt-PA1996rt-PA 32002 2003 III Ja-pan Alteplase Clinical Trial J-ACTrt-PA rt-PA1990 ran-domize...

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Ucm 463127

Preparing for CSC Certification [Read-Only] Preparing for ComprehensiveStroke CertificationClaranne Mathiesen RN MSN CNRNLori Massaro MSN RN CRNPDeborah Murphy MSN RN CNRN SCRNCRNPDisclosuresClaranne Mathiesen might discuss off-label treatment optionsLori Massaro is on the Genentech Speakers BureauDeborah Murphy has no disclosures or conflicts of interestLehigh Valley Health Network Allentown PALV...

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04-ANTONAKOYDHS-3 A Y 13 3 99 - 105 2004ENHM O OH---- -Berry ----O-merican Heart Association AHA European StrokeInitiative EUSI-75 -----o --100 A Y 13 3O - Williss -3--1065-4 1 -20-65-7445-5430-100 200 100 000 -1-2--- ------2 CT MRITriplex -5 6 --12-33 4 45- 6brain attack heart attack- -- transient ischemic attack-- TIA- 60 s -1A Y 13 3 1011 -2s ------ -7 -O2 2-4 lit min90 --10 -48- ---8NaCl 0 45 ...

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Microsoft Word - acute Stroke search narrative for web.doc Guideline topic Acute Stroke and TIASearch coveragePatient searchesDatabases covered Medline Embase CINAHL HMIC Dates covered 2001 to 2007CaredataGuidelinesWebsites with relevant guidelines Databases coveredTripdatabase National Guidelines MedlineClearinghouse New Zealand Guidelines Group CINAHLRCP EmbaseSystematic reviewsDatabases covered...

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Chh 1201 Acute Stroke Orders

CHH-1201 Acute Stroke Orders (3-8-10).xls Page 1 of 2Acute Stroke OrdersDirections 1 Indicate choice when options are available by placing a check in the box2 Mark through entire line any prechecked item you do not wish to order mark throughAttending Physician Diagnosis Stroke CVAObservation Status Admission for Inpatient Care Admit or transfer to UnitALLERGIES NKA ALLERGIC toDuration of symptoms ...

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cabellhuntington.org/assets/Forms/Order-Sets/CHH-1201 -...roke Orders.pdf
Ucm 459478

FINAL AHA Stroke Outcome Measures One pager Stroke Outcome MeasuresAMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION POSITIONThe American Heart Association American Stroke Association AHA ASA opposes the Stroke 30-day mortality and30-day readmission measures proposed for adoption by the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services CMS andrecommends that CMS not include the measures in the 2014 Inpatient Prospective Payment Sy...

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Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale CINCINNATIPREHOSPITALSTROKE SCALEFacial DroopNormal Both sides of face move equallyAbnormal One side of face does not move at allArm DriftNormal Both arms move equally or not at allAbnormal One arm drifts compared to the otherSpeechNormal Patient uses correct words with no slurringAbnormal Slurred or inappropriate words or muteReferencesKothari RU Pancioli A Liu...

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Microsoft Word - THE PILLBOX - Spring '05.doc ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION of theHARTFORD HOSPITAL SCHOOL of NURSING INCTHE PILLBOXwww hhsnalumnae orgVol 32 1 Spring 2005HARTFORD HOSPITAL NEWSThe Stroke Center achieved JCAHO Primary Stroke Center Certification in August2004The 2004 Black and Red Ball celebrated Hartford Hospital s 150th AnniversaryProceeds of 28 000 went for the Brownstone ClinicsThe Conne...

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Ct Of Head In Meningitis

were present before CT of the Patientshead was performed could be used to identify patientsAdults defined as persons older than 16 years of age withwho were unlikely to have abnormalities on CT Theclinically suspected meningitis who were seen in the emergencyModified National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale department of Yale New Haven Hospital from July 1995 to Junewas used to identify neurolog

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rtjournalonline.com/CT of Head in... Meningitis.pdf
Irish Specimen Fish 2010 Report

5 Implications of coarse fish by-lawRudd Bream Hybrid 15 for ISFC 50Tench 15 Genetic Fingerprinting of Shadand Smooth-hound 50Game FishEstablishing a new specimen fishSalmon 16category 51Brown Trout Lake 17Guidance note to assist anglers taking fishBrown Trout River 17photographs for identification purposes 52Sea Trout 17Important points regarding claims 54Big Game Fish 55Marine Fish Listings 2010

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Veilederen 2014

kutt vertigo 56Myastenisk krise 59D dskriterier prosedyrer ved organdonasjon 60BEHANDLINGER SKJEMA TABELLERNIH Stroke Scale med veiledning 63Glasgow coma Scale 66Intraven s immunoglobulin IVIG 67Plasmautskiftning 68Cervikale rotlesjoner og perifere nerver 69Lumbosacrale rotlesjoner og perifere nerver 70Dermatom plansjer 71ETTERORD 74LOKALE RUTINER 75Veileder i Akuttnevrologi 2014 -3-Kj re kolleger

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臨床神経学雑誌第52巻第10号 52 778194 CT 15ccBrain natriuretic peptide BNP 1 064 6pgml 12 V3 V5 TBNP 14BNP 12012 52 778-781Key wordsJCSI-1Na-tional Institutes of Health Stroke Scale NIHSS 31990Crn 1 75mgdl BUN 43mgdlCK 67IU TAT 31 9ngl ml D-dimer 23 1gmlbrain natriuretic peptide BNPBNP 19472010 7CT16478mmHg 9836 8 Fig 1 A brain CT scan on admission sho...

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Acls Study Guide 1113

les- To suction airway insert Yankauer suction on withdrawal perform in less than10 seconds- Securing an ET tube with ties that pass around the neck may reduce venousreturn- No more cricoid pressure as it may impede ventilations or tube placement- OPA oropharyngeal airways should be measured from the corner of the mouthto the angle of the mandibleRegarding CO2 monitoring- A CO2 detector offers qua

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Original Article Temporal Trends in Patient Characteristics and TreatmentWith Intravenous Thrombolysis Among Acute IschemicStroke Patients at Get With the Guidelines Stroke HospitalsLee H Schwamm MD Syed F Ali MD Mathew J Reeves PhD Eric E Smith MD MPHJeffrey L Saver MD Steven Messe MD Deepak L Bhatt MDMaria V Grau-Sepulveda MD MPH Eric D Peterson MD Gregg C Fonarow MDBackground Substantial effort...

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Flow Chart Ictus Tot

llow-upCognome NomeDiagnosidata di nascitadata di ingressoNIH Stroke Scale - Versione italianaScala per l ictus del National Institute of HealthFunzione da esaminare - Istruzioni Punteggi orario visita8 12 16 20 241a Livello di coscienza vigilanza 0 VigileL esaminatore deve scegliere una risposta anche se la valutazione resa 1 Soporoso ma obbedisce risponde o esegue in seguito a stimolidifficoltos

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ds maximum andarticles 1000 words maximumLetters to the Editor are pub-lished at the discretion of theLiving with snakes editor based on relevance andsuitabilityMargaret Holms sharestips for co-existence with Letters submissions tothese beneficial predators Andrea Langlois Editoreditor certifiedorganic bc caPage 22Advertising rates copynon-member subscriptions 20year plus GST toCOABC202-3002 32nd

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